Stop scaring the children

Just like how I imagine most people reading Tweaked for your Pleasure have at one point had to go to a physical shop in order to buy some food due to a delivery company not delivering, barely anything came or any other reason and today was one of those days with a catch.

So today I went to the local CO-OP in order to buy some food as ASDA, yet again, did not deliver a third of the order and didn’t replace it for anything nor took it off my bill and with my diet, I couldn’t really keep ordering out food every day so I got into the car and drove. Once I arrived I did something that so many people in the United Kingdom seem to refuse to do and popped a mask and a pair of gloves and went inside.

Wear that mask!

At this point I am ready to quickly buy what I need and get out and what do you think happens? Do you think either?

  • Everything went smoothly?
  • A man walked over and tutted?

If you guessed the first one then you have clearly never read Tweaked for your Pleasure but if you guessed the second one that is exactly what happened. I had a man (admittingly did stand a bit away) who asked me if I could take my mask off as I am scaring his children.

Seriously who in their right mind with everything happen would ask someone to remove their mask simply because it’s making someone scared? I fully understand that people are scared right now and while most people will outright be fine, they SHOULD be scared right now.

Wearing a mask doesn’t just protect me, it doesn’t just protect the ones I meet but rather it protects their grandparents, elderly people they know, sickly people and so much more. So yes, your children should be afraid right now – we need everyone to do their part.

Just wear that mask. Seriously.

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Ellis, M (2020) Stop scaring the children. [online] Tweaked for your Pleasure. Available at: [Accessed 04 Jul 2022]

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