Google Workspace and Google Pay

Much like quite a few people, I signed up for Google Apps for Your Domains which then became Google Suite and then finally to Google Workspace as they started to remove users. I was moved to a plan called “G Suite legacy free edition” which I am still using to this day but like many others, I seem limited to what I can do.

One of these limitations is Google Pay and after doing some research I have found quite a few people claim it works and others say it doesn’t and every time I tried to change settings I was unable to get Google Wallet to work. With this in mind, this article is a guide on what you can try to get it working.

Step 1

Devices > Mobile and endpoints > Settings > Universal settings

Turn off the following settings.

  • Endpoint Verification

Turn on the following settings.

  • Android Sync
  • Google Assistant

Step 2

Apps > Additional Google services > Settings for Google Pay > Service Status

Once I had done this I hoped that it worked and sadly it did not. I spent ages trying different things but interestingly I discovered something – my brother was using Google Pay on his mobile. This may not mean much to anyone and you might be thinking “and?” but he uses an account on my Google Workspace account which means Google Pay is working for him and not me. I then tried the admin account and behold it also worked afterwards, I tried a different Google Workspace account and it also worked with no issues.

With this in mind, I reached out to customer support and below are the emails I would recommend if you are still having problems getting in touch with Google’s customer support as it is likely the only way to fix it. Do you want to guess why my account wasn’t working?

Oh? Well, it works now. I can confirm that Google Pay / Google Wallet works with Google Workspace accounts even if they were old legacy Google Apps for Domain / GSuites accounts.

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