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Many people when they start blogging start with the idea that they will be earning millions from advertising and that they can simply sit back and let everything happen. After a few weeks, they start to work out it is not that easy and they give up even trying to carry on due to one main reason – they do not enjoy what they do.

Enjoying writing is the key to success when it comes to blogging but there is always a time when ideas just escape you and no matter how hard you think you are unable to come up with any ideas this article hopefully will help you out a bit. So today you are going to learn a very basic method that can be used to find content to write about.

1. Google Insight – See what people want!

Google Insight is a very great tool to get ideas on what to write about. When you first visit Google Insight you will see there are a few search features which allow you to break down into categories. Once you have found one that you want to write about you can then set to find data as far back as you want, I would recommend a week, and then you are given a set of keywords. These keywords hopefully should be enough to jog your mind and hopefully create a title that you can name your post and once you have this title it gets a bit easier.

2. Break your title down

So hopefully by now, you have a title in your mind. For the sake of this article I have picked a few keywords from Google Insight as of writing the keywords for computers are “app store, android apps and iTunes” and the title I have created is App Store: Why it is important.

As you can see I have created a title from the keywords and now it is time to write the article. The first thing you have to do is work out what your title is about. In my case, it says why an app store is important so now it is time to research and write why. The first paragraph needs to jump right into the app store and in this case, I would write what an app store is but not yet why it is important – we just want to get people interested enough to read on.

After the first paragraph, you want to write more based on your keywords above in such a way that it makes sense. So in this example, I would then write about what the Apple App Store is and how it uses iTunes, and then I would write a new paragraph explaining what Google Play is and how it is different.

Once you have done this for every keyword it is time to wrap up.

3. Wrap up your post

Wrapping up a post is one of the most important things as it tells your reader what to do next and if you have written something very well you can also tell them where to go next such as to your Facebook Fanpages, a Clickbank link or wherever. In this example, a good wrap-up would be to explain to the reader why it is important to make sure your website or application is on as many app stores as possible and then a short text to guide them elsewhere such as in this example I would send them to Clickbank so they can buy a book or whatever on creating an application.

And there we have it. If you are running out of ideas on how to create a post then hopefully this has helped you write something that people may be interested in.

Need to reference?

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