Don’t drink that in front of me!

So the other day I was wandering around town when just like anybody else, I decided that I needed a drink. So I walked into Morrisons and having been “somewhat” careful of drinking sugar lately I went to buy a Coco-Cola Zero because when cold it does kinda taste like the original Cola.

So anyhow I bought it and went outside the shopping area, went to the bus stop and then sat down and opened up the bottle when a random woman who had a couple of children with her decision to say quite loudly the following:


Now if I am, to be honest, I kinda just sat there, blinked for a few seconds and then looked around wondering who she was talking to and before I could say a word she started to go on about how she does not want her child to have sugar pushed in front of his face. So basically this random woman decided to have a moan that I was drinking a sugar-free drink and that she had the right to moan at me because of something she wants. And yes I do understand the looking out for your children stuff but I hardly see why I should care about what I do – she can deal with her children how she wants and stop bothering people just because she wants to do something else.

Seriously and I ask all of those that are currently reading this – why should people have to change what they do just because one other person demands it for whatever reason it is? And yes I do understand that people want to make sure their children don’t do certain things (drugs etc) but if it is accepted by social standards – why should you?

Although we can debate how “healthy” diet drinks are, I would have thought it would have been a good thing to show your child that people still do enjoy drinking what they like even if it is a sugar-free product and that there are others out there that share the same point of view.

I suppose it can’t be helped with people who think like that but seriously no one cares how you want to raise your child – let everyone else do what they want in peace

Need to reference?

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