Who gives a shit ?

Yawn, here we go again. Back in the end of March, I had some people saying am I going to be doing any special contests, articles or whatever for the “Royal Wedding”. Well I am doing a special article and a special meeting to the “wonderful couple” who are being married at Westminster Abbey at some point today – I do not give two shits.

I have read in papers that the world” will be watching that date and all that crap but really you are telling me that everyone in the world – let alone 3/4 of all nations in the world cares ?

You are wrong. I am sure most of the Middle East now does not give two shits, Africa does not, half of Asia likely does not and maybe parts of Europe. This is not including people who is living in the likes of the United Kingdom as I do not care at all about you getting married or not, let alone give a shit that you are apart of the “royal family”.

I am sure a lot of people reading this may be going something like:

LOZLA but you do not need to bother with it if you dont but itz their special day so shtu up.

Well if you are talking that then I just have this answer – I do not give a shit they are getting married. They can do what they want for all I care, anyone can but as soon as you start going around saying that it is going to be special for everyone blah then this happens. Heck, take this quote :

“Prince William and Catherine have made it very clear that they wish everybody to be able to enjoy the day with them.

BBC News

Well to start with you just ruined TV for me even though I do not watch it much at all, but now you started all my friends off going about it and all that crap. Well, you did not get your wish there.

Although it is not really their fault as I am sure both would rather just get married quietly (then again, likely wrong about that) but it’s the media that is over hyping it all or the Royal Family looking for PR.

Oh well.

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