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Any extra always helps.
Any extra always helps.

For a short, while now I have been trying out a service called Gener8 that has a simple goal in mind – they will replace all the adverts you see on websites with their own and instead of the owner of the website being paid, you are. 

Ethics aside about blocking adverts from websites that the owners may be relying upon to keep the website open the service itself is a pretty good idea in theory. It is your data, your browsing habits so you should be earning from it.

So how did I find the actual service? Well, let’s first talk about the extension itself. It did indeed replace the adverts with its own and from what I do see they do relate to the ones in your profile but the Firefox extension seems to kill the browser if you are low on RAM (so my tablet couldn’t use it on Firefox) and seems to make the overall web browser experience slowing.

It is no different with their Chrome extension. The extension would randomly keep loading forever and Google Chrome CPU would max out like how people would embed bit miners into their website so the browser would process it as someone browsed their website. While I can understand it was just released for Chrome, it feels like it’s a rushed job.

Now I am sure some people would accept a slower web browsing experience in exchange for their possible “earn £20-30 a month!” so let’s talk about how much I earned … I have no idea. Gener8 has yet to allow people to trade in their tokens for actual liquid cash. What this means is right now you are earning Gener8 money with no promise at all that you may get paid nor what the exchange rate is (with how fast I earned the tokens I have I am expecting a massive exchange rate)

Overall the idea is pretty cool – you get paid for your data being used to display adverts to you. If you will ever get paid however only time will tell. It doesn’t matter how often they say they will pay or their time plans – once they start paying we will only know then if it’s legit.

Edit – 18/7/2019

While they have not yet enabled cash payouts, I can confirm that they are paying out via their marketplace and you can exchange points. I have been able to get an Amazon gift card and judging by the amount I have earned with those cards … I have close to a grand. I am going to wait until they allow cash checkout but will buy a physical product once their store updates again. For now, I think this is legit.


Further update to this. While they still do not allow cashing out (it’s my understanding they are still not selling adverts yet and waiting to grow a user base), I have gotten myself a couple of Amazon gift cards and still believe this to be legit.


I am still earning although I am not using the extension anymore but rather the other features it has. I have cashed out with different vouchers but I tend to pick the donation option now. It is legit although it is taking forever to provide a cash-out option beyond limited vouchers.

Need to reference?

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