Don’t click reply-all

If you have ever worked in a large organisation, studied in further / higher education or worked anywhere that is close to being a Government career you will know exactly what I am writing about and that is the insanely dreadful email spam that is “Hey Matthew, I got your email LOL”.

When email first came about way back in 1971 it was never decided to work as a bulk method of communication but instead was pretty much just the same as a letter – there is a reason it is called electrical mail.

With this in mind replying to an email was always intended as a one-way system and multi-threaded messages simply make the whole thing fall apart. It is for this reason that Google tried to recreate email as we know it (Google Wave) but it never kicked off in the way Google hoped for with some good reasons. Seriously let me stress again just how old email is and the fact it works pretty much the same way as sending a letter at your local post office.

Now we got the basics out of the way with the fact email is designed to be a one-way system … STOP CLICKING REPLY TO ALL. People are not able to see replies between the sender and others that may have been sent, every single message is spammed to each inbox in no logical order and just in case I forgot to say – IT SPAMS EVERYONE’S INBOX.

I can promise you that not a single person outside of the original sender of the email gives a single bit of shit reading “I got your email!”, “I will buy this”, or heck the worst being “I will attend your baby shower”.

Just learn how to use email like the rest of humanity and only click the “reply” button. Everyone will start thanking you for it, trust me.

Need to reference?

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