For anyone that may be following me on Twitter or my Facebook Fanpage may have seen that I am starting to look at the comment section on Tweaked for your Pleasure. The reason I am thinking about the comments is I simply do not see people using them for whatever reason it may be.

So for now I have removed IntenseDebate and have left the default comment form up and running for those that still wishes to comment and to replies to others on it. I am not sure how long I may keep the comments for but if you like commenting, post a comment on this news article and tell me what you like about the comments.

As I said before to people – I have nothing wrong with people who wish to comment but the website is starting to look empty with blank comments and yes, that is my reasoning on why to remove it. Another reason is simply because I get so much spam and little legit comments I am starting to feel it is not worth having the comments and then there is the issue with people emailing me their comments rather than using the comment form.

So yes, if you got any feedback let me know about this.

Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2012). Comments. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: [Accessed 06 Dec 2023].

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