Who cares if you have a drink in your hand?

If there is one thing I do not understand when it comes to social settings is why people seem to make a massive fuss over if you are drinking alcohol or not and in the case where you are not drinking alcohol you are “boring” and ruining the fun.

Well to those people it might surprise you but there are a lot of people who do not want to get drunk for whatever reason it may be and just because they are not doing so doesn’t mean they are not a part of whatever is going on. If you need to drink to be able to have an enjoyable time you likely have a lot more problems than just “needing a drink to be social”.

The main thing I do want to talk about however is not exactly the forced social pressure of having to drink to have a good time but pretty much everyone I know who gets drunk is very boring when they are and it’s pretty much a cycle where you either have to be drinking for everyone to be on the same level or not.

If you feel you need to get drunk to be able to discuss any topic with people you either need to get new friends, work on your social skills or get a new hobby.

Seriously though there is a lot more you can do than just gthant and drink.

Need to reference?

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