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I do truly believe that the future of advertising will go in the direction that the end-user will be paid for their data over the current model right now there are a few options out there and I have spoken about both before: Why BAT can change the ecosystem and Gener8: My Review.

So today we will be doing a light-hearted review of the two different ways of selling your data and earning from it and which one I think is better. I am sure people will disagree and that’s fine, I would love to read your comments but do remember I am not focusing on the features of the browsers themselves but rather the earning side of it. I will be mixing up the positives and negatives so let’s go!

Brave Browser

The Brave Browser works by sending you a little pop-up using your operating system’s default notification and you then get paid a tiny amount for seeing it. You can get up to five an hour and no more. This payout is earned with a cryptocurrency known as “BAT” where you need to currently sign up to an exchange called Uphold to be able to cash out even if you use the TAP Network.

The adverts that are served are anonymous and all your data is only collected locally within the Brave browser and isn’t shared with anyone 1. This means while you are seeing adverts the browser itself works out which ones you should see.

These pay-outs are done monthly although you often don’t get everything you are meant to do so and it seems to roll onto next month on average it is around $20 for me on three different devices assuming you do not share some of that with the website owners.

Overall I like the Brave Browser method of adverts but there are a few flaws with the browser I am not sure if it is just me but sometimes the sync feature just doesn’t work correctly. There is also a weird design idea that you can only connect four devices to Uphold and while I get it is so you can not farm BAT, it is annoying to buy a new device and not be able to use it like the Fusion5 that replaced my Linx 1010b.

Update: The team behind the Brave Browser has now released an update which has removed the annoying limit. I can not say just how much I am happy for this as it means I can reinstall and change devices without worry.

GitHub. (n.d.). Implement solution for linking limits (Uphold, Gemini) · Issue #18572 · brave/brave-browser. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 May 2022].

Sign up: Brave Browser (Don’t forget to turn on auto-contribute!)


Gener8 works differently compared to Brave Browser and it does this by replacing the adverts found on the website (and doesn’t give anything back to those websites) and providing you tokens for doing so you can trade at their marketplace.

The marketplace allows you to buy some physical items and gift cards but right now it is insanely hard to buy any and if it weren’t for getting a few Amazon gift cards very early in their beta I would say it is impossible to do so. The store, unlike Brave, doesn’t have any KYC needs and you can buy stuff without needing to send in any IDs I can confirm I have ordered nine different things with it although some were donations.

Roughly I earned about £5 a week in terms of tokens, but you can not exchange this for any currency beyond gift cards, although they claim to allow you to cash out in the future which has been said for years now.

However, I understand that, unlike the Brave Browser, Gener8 will collect information about you2 and collect what is needed to match up with which adverts to show you.

The browser itself works fine – it’s Chrome what do you expect? The adverts themselves don’t seem to slow things down for me but I have heard of people debating that before. Unlike Brave Browser, you can install this on as many devices as you want, but it doesn’t exist for Android at this time.

Sign up: Gener8 (Get 10 free tokens!)


Both browsers are legit and you will be able to earn something but they both come with their problem. The Brave Browser works nice and is on both PC and mobile (won’t earn anything on iOS) but has a KYC solution using Uphold to cash out you can still tip website owners while Gener8 Browser earns you tokens but you may not be able to buy anything as it is always out of stock.

So the best solution? Grab Brave Browser and download the Gener8 extension, duh. Seriously use both together and try your luck but if I had to pick one browser it is Brave which I use every day for Windows, Linux and Android.


  1. Brave Browser Privacy Policy – ↩︎
  2. Gener8ads Privacy Policy – ↩︎

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  • If you’ve used either Brave Browser or Gener8, what has been your experience with earning tokens or rewards for your data? Do you find one platform more user-friendly or rewarding than the other, and what improvements would you like to see implemented in these systems to enhance the user experience?

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