Nine Children behind a massive fake money scam

All I can say is wow. I have seen gangs and masterminds create the most bigging scams in the world and other crimes but what we, as a nation of people fail to see is that we often forget that children themselves are also able to do such crime. Most children in the world would steal a tiny bit of money from their parents and do some other minor illegal crimes but just now and then, you see children do things which are way past what you expect crime lords to do.

Storage of massive illegal guns

I was reading an article (quoted below) from an un-named media source and I honestly couldn’t believe it….

On Saturday the 2nd of May in a small town near Stamford, UK that nine children was creating counterfit money which they was then using to build up their empire. Stamford Police Department invaded the house at 8PM, just before the children was set to bed by their parents. When Stamford Police department entered they couldn’t believe what they saw. An un-named police officer told us that when they entered they saw armed weapons and guns everywhere.The un-named officer then went into saying that they thought the children was just dealing with creating fake money. The officer then added; “I was oh fuck dude”.

If we had a shoot out we would have been fucked”. One of our sources tolds us that the guns that was recovered may have not been made there but brought from an old store called “Woolworths”. The police are currently investing whom these people was and what happened to these guns.

It is believed that the main leader of this money making crime was a girl only known as “Cassie”. We was naturally unable to interview her however according to our sources she was pulled out by the armed response screaming “It was only a game”.

And maybe she was right. Maybe it was only a game which sadly, the cost was the lost of people’s lives.


Matityahu ben Avraham Avinu. (2009). Children printing money – What is next ?. Tweaked Media. Page 34.

What do you lot think about this ?

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Need to quote me?

Ellis, M (2009) Nine Children behind a massive fake money scam. [online] Tweaked for your Pleasure. Available at: [Accessed 20 May 2022]

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