Upgrading the Sheng Milo MX02S

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Those who have read my review will know I like this bike but will know that the bike doesn’t provide the power it claims to do so and the reason I suspect this is due to the controller only drawing 9amps. Due to this, I am upgrading the hardware to try and get the full 1000w from the motor to help me get up hills as the 400w or so it provided wasn’t helping much.

I first started to look into the controller that came with the Sheng Milo MX02S to see if there was an upgrade but I didn’t find much. Due to this, I decided to replace the controller and I tried to find one that would work with an M5 display but I couldn’t find much about the display beyond going back to Sheng Milo’s website and I couldn’t trust getting a controller from them. With this in mind, I decided to just get a different brand as the Sheng Milo MX02S has a brushless motor and as long as I get a nine-pin connector it should work.

For the controller, I went with the KT Sine Wave controller T12S and LCD8S display with the mindset I would be able to upgrade in future. Due to changing the controller, I had to replace the throttle and PAS. Any KT throttle should work as long as it has the same connections and for the sake of ease, I went with SM plugs. I replaced the controller and it picked up the battery voltage and the throttle worked. Although I haven’t tried it on the road yet when throttling the display reported it only got up to 500w max and then cut out. This happened even with having the speed uncapped and the bike found it hard to get beyond 30mph when on its back.

As the controller was much bigger than the one that came with the bike I ended up having to buy a bag and everything fit in nicely although I do wonder how waterproof the whole setup is. Once I had done that I replaced the old PAS and the motor kicked in once I pedalled. For this to work I did have to change the settings for the KT LCD8S although I do feel I could have used the old one as I didn’t set up the controller for the PAS.

Excluding the lights that wouldn’t work due to the controller not having support for a light, the upgrade worked and I am pleased to say the bike was able to get up a hill on pure throttle with my weight. Before the upgrade, it would barely do it and I had to pedal quite hard to get it to go up. The motor is running at around 1200w and I will look at capping this at 1000w. The range of the battery seems to be the same but I am expecting there to be some differences. I am going to look into upgrading the batteries for the bike and get a 52v battery so that when it is low it still works pretty well for getting up hills and the controller should be okay with this.

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I am glad I have carried out this upgrade as I am finally getting the power from the bike that I should be and it is nice being able to get up the hills without any problems now. The good part is I am more likely to use it to get around which comes with getting some exercise!

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