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I have had one of the weirdest experiences and I can’t help but wonder if people just feel much more entitled nowadays compared to many years ago. Setting the scene I was visiting the CO-OP in a local village near me and I took my electric bike (Sheng Milo MX02S: My Review) to get some exercise. It was a nice warm summer day and when I arrived I locked up the bike and put the alarm on and wandered inside.

While I won’t bore you with what I bought, it is worth commenting for this story that the CO-OP has two small tables and a bench just outside where people can sit down and rest for a bit and this is naturally what I wanted to do. The benches are positioned right next to where the bike storage is and walking over where I noticed a woman and a young boy pulling on my bike with the child sitting on my bike.

Snat: What the heck are you doing?

Woman: Fuck off. I am just trying to unlock my bike.

Snat: Your bike?! Get off that now.

Woman: NO! Can you kindly just leave so I can get home.

Snat: Get the fuck away from my bike.



Snat: Just get the fuck away before I call the police


It was at this point I decided to just press the alarm button on my key fob so the alarm wouldn’t stop and the woman quickly walked away with her child. While I highly doubt the woman wanted her child to “try it out” and that she was hoping to be able to steal the bike, I am going to give the benefit of the doubt and bring up the question of just how entitled she feels to even SUGGEST doing that.

Okay, I understand that what likely happened is the person just wanted to steal my bike but it brings me to the topic of the rant but does it feel like more and more parents are starting to become more entitled? I have seen parents push in front of a queue in a store just because their children are getting tired or in one case where a parent rushed to the front of the queue saying they just had to drop their kid off and needs to quickly pick up a few things.

You will often hear people say “It takes a village” but one thing they never say is that everyone in that “village” did not sign up to do so. It is like how a family suddenly expects people to become babysitters, carers etc without asking others. I understand at times things do happen and it is nice to get help I am not one to turn around and be a dick for the sake of it, but people need to understand that you ain’t entitled to other people\’s help, money and belongings just because you are a parent.

I’m sorry, what? Why do some parents feel entitled to people’s time, procession and much more just because they have a child? I understand that it can be tough and there are times when they just want to go home but so does everyone else and it gets very tiring. Just because they have a child doesn’t mean the world has to bend around them and their narcissistic tendencies with their endless demands. I do understand there are cases where it is understandable but trying to sit on other people’s bikes isn’t one of them.

I know it is not every parent and it is likely many are lovely people but I have noticed a pattern where some parents outright demand that you give them money shouldn’t you have children as “you ain’t saving it for something useful” or handing over items as presents for the same reason. I can not tell you how often I have sold an item on the Facebook marketplace just for parents to contact me saying how their child would love it and how if I deliver it to them for free they would be thankful (I do get that it is likely just people trying to flip the items).

I would love to hear your opinion. Have you met a parent very entitled or maybe you are a parent and had a reasonable request that was shot down unfairly?

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I caught a woman and a child trying to pull on my electric bike and it made me wonder if parents are becoming more entitled nowadays, expecting people to give them help, money, and belongings just because they have a child.

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