Why Discord is a bad thing

The Problem With Discord
The Problem With Discord

Just like the millions (Discord, 2023) of people who use Discord daily, I quite like it. It reminds me of the old IRC days or chat rooms where people would talk about random topics until the big ball of plasma could no longer be seen. I fondly remember forums with myself running Just a Community and the same thing would happen with people talking about random topics. You might be wondering why I bring this up as surely Discord is just a replacement for those and technology changes and moves on.

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It is only 80p

It Is Only 80p

It is sad how often I will order a takeaway and something will be missing. Sometimes it will be some chicken that is missing, a bottle or drink or even something as simple as missing cheese which is something that pisses me off. I placed an order at the one single takeaway that delivers to … Read more

Why e-bike laws are stupid

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When it comes to the United Kingdom there is a ton wrong with it which mostly boils down to the shittest corrupted politicians we have had in a long while but one set of laws that is dumb and needs discussing is e-bike laws. It is worth saying before we carry on that scooters should be legal (but kept at the same speed limits as mobility scooters) but that’s a rant for another day. It is also worth saying this rant does not discuss insurance or taxes as while I do believe there should be no taxes I do think insurance is worth having – something I also think should apply to everything such as mobility scooters.

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No, that is MY bike

That's My Bike

I have had one of the weirdest experiences and I can’t help but wonder if people just feel much more entitled nowadays compared to many years ago. Setting the scene I was visiting the CO-OP in a local village near me and I took my electric bike (Sheng Milo MX02S: My Review) to get some exercise. It was a nice warm summer day and when I arrived I locked up the bike and put the alarm on and wandered inside.

While I won’t bore you with what I bought, it is worth commenting for this story that the CO-OP has two small tables and a bench just outside where people can sit down and rest for a bit and this is naturally what I wanted to do. The benches are positioned right next to where the bike storage is and walking over where I noticed a woman and a young boy pulling on my bike with the child sitting on my bike.

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125cc is enough!

125cc Is Enough
A very badly drawn image of Snat on a moped.
I’m trying to use a drawing pad – want to update a lot more and MS Paint was killing me!

Depending on when I publish this article on Tweaked for your Pleasure you may, or may not, know that I bought my brother an electric scooter that is equal to a 125cc engine and I used it for a month so I could also do a review on here and I learnt something from it today.

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The ethics of 3rd party hacks

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I remember the countless hours my brother and I spent clearing this content.

Final Fantasy XIV is a game that has captured the hearts of millions of players around the world. It’s a world filled with adventure, friendship, and challenges that have made it one of the most popular games of its kind. However, there is a growing problem in the world of Final Fantasy XIV that is starting to have a significant impact on the game and its players. That problem is cheating.

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