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This section of Tweaked for your Pleasure has the many different rants I have posted over the years. Just a bit of light-hearted reading!

Pay it forward sucks

When it comes to the culture of the United Kingdom they tend to be an “America Lite” and import annoying things that don’t go anywhere such as tipping but one thing I am noticing lately is the “pay it forward” queue.

For those that do not know and you likely won’t it is when someone goes to a store and buys something and then say that they are buying for the person behind them who is then expected to buy for the person behind them and thus forming a chain and it sucks.

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It’s okay to embarrass yourself

Cast yourself back to when you were a young child and think to yourself for a couple of minutes about what you were doing back then. You might have been learning BASIC, riding a bike, dancing, singing or much more and you might have been good at it but good chance you were just embarrassing yourself and that’s okay.

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It’s okay to lose weight

I am one of the first people to understand that it is okay to be overweight as long as you are willing to accept the health issues that comes with it and there is no shame in being overweight and anyone who tells you otherwise are people you do not want to associate yourself with but it is also okay to want to lose that weight.

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