Basic hangman game

Python code for a basic hang man game. The picture shows the code in Visual Studio Code.

There isn’t much to say about this but I coded a basic hangman game to demonstrate comparing variables and while I will never do anything with this code I thought it might be kinda cool to pop it on GitHub in case it helps anyone else and I finally have something to put on the STEM section of this website!

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Want to code your own forum?

Code Your Own Forum 1

The other day when I was forced to look after two dogs and with them not letting me get a single wink of sleep it occurred to me that I have never coded a forum before. With American Dad playing in the background I decided to create a very basic forum. Below I will discuss the logic of what I did and this will be a couple of parts but you can find the first version on GitHub – I decided to update it a little bit for this tutorial.

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How to convert Gregorian dates to Jewish dates?

html code
html code
Photo by Pixabay on

It has been a long while since when I have last written any example scripts on here but one I have found on Ask a Jew when checking search results is how to convert dates to a Jewish calendar using the PHP language.

Below is a code I find when Googling this and I am hoping you notice something wrong with it because it is a major issue.

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Hosting a blog as pure HTML only

Writing on Tweaked for your Pleasure is something I have always enjoyed doing and I feel it is something I will be updating for many years to come but one thing I do hate is how much it costs to run Tweaked for your Pleasure.

With this in mind, I am going to experiment – I want to host this website purely for free and while I could toss this onto most free hosts with PHP I decided to set myself a couple of goals for it to be successful.

  • It has to run on ANY free web that allows FTP uploading or something like it.
  • It does not have to rely on PHP or MySQL.
  • I must use WordPress for adding new posts from my end.
  • Guests MUST be able to post a comment.

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Basic 2checkout processing script

We do not have a rant today, nor we do have a review. Today I am going to go over something that a lot of people ask me – how to create a very basic 2checkout processing script. I am going to say now that this guide is simply how to do the processing side of it, it will not cover anything like the database side of things so you can create something like automatic downloads – we may do that as another tutorial.

2checkout HTML Form.

The first thing we need to do is the HTML form for 2checkout. We are going to be using the single page checkout for 2checkout as I prefer that one. Replace sid value with your own and setup the bits below to what you want it to be called. If you want to add a second product to the checkout form, add things like c_name_2, c_price_2 etc. As stated either, I am not going into the database side of things in this tutorial but you can always use a programming language to prefill all in this and use cart_order_id as a method to know what order someone is ordering.

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Lighttpd and JetPack

As you may have heard, the creators of WordPress has created a new plugin called JetPack. While I will not explain it as the link to the left will explain it far easier than me (although this link is a good place to start with: Jetpack to the Cloud), I am posting about how it may have issues with Lighttpd.

When it first came out I decided to give it a try and it never worked. Posted on Twitter and people advised about disabling cache software like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. Either way, it never worked. The next thing was to disable Cloudflare which also never worked.

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