What have we became?

Just put the phone down, okay?
Just put the phone down, okay?

I doubt very few people will disagree with me that driving can be hard work and even more so when you are first starting to drive by yourself if you can not avoid flashing lights or a random beep then you really should not be driving.

I read an article the other day on the BBC (Signal-blocking phone pouches’ for St Patrick’s pupils) where a school gave up on the idea where would give their students special bags that is able to block mobile signals from working so they will not get any phone calls, text messages, emails app alerts or social media notices and in theory, this idea is not a bad one … until you think that the students they are giving this too can not just turn off their phone or hell turn it to silent.

Now two things come to mind but the main one is just a sad story when you think about it. So many people today, more so young people, are so addicted to the Internet that they must always be connected and feel lost should they disconnect even for an hour while they are driving. These people will not understand that the Internet is not actually that important enough to risk your life while driving just so you can always be connected.

Internet addiction is a real thing but not giving the students a bag that will block their mobiles they have to be taught self-control. Being addicted to the Internet isn’t much different to being addicted to alcohol. Sure, the person addicted to the Internet is likely only trolling on Reddit or explaining how they had sex with your mother, and her mother while playing League of Legends people addicted to alcohol have killed people while driving but people are being killed by people who are using mobiles and all those being killed by a car are dying due to the same root reason – addiction.

These people really cannot comprehend that you are able to turn off a mobile device. They do not understand that you are allowed to be disconnected from the Internet and that their social life or whatever will not disappear just because they did not reply back in thirty seconds. Seriously, there is nothing in this world that matters where you have to suddenly reply within thirty seconds or it’s the end of the world.

Rather than just giving them a bag and wishing for the best they must learn to control their addiction. They must learn it is fine to be disconnected and for a bit of their day it is fine to just be by yourself or I swear in twenty years to come when everything is automatic cars and drones nobody will be able to entertain themselves and will be distracted by everything around them.

But yes, addiction is a major thing to deal with Internet addiction is a real threat to our modern life but seriously don’t just give them a bag. That is like giving someone who is addicted to alcohol a glass of water and saying they will drink

For those interested in reading further about Internet Addiction: Internet Addiction – NHS.

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