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Within the last few days I have been getting some messages from some fans of Tweaked for your Pleasure whom has alerted me that the site is actually kinda hard to read and find stuff. Originally I decided to change the layout of the website so that the homepage is spilt into the different sections – rants, videos and reviews.

The reason for this is the same as I said before – some people only liked reading certain sections, others liked the different sections and while I did put a link to the latest article on the home page, I have seen and been informed this is not so helpful. The reason it isn't helpful is that it only informs you of the latest articles within that section and to check for new content over the whole site you would need to visit each section whcih does take a bit of time.

So the solution is simple – I have enabled a typical blog like view of the site which you can find by clicking the latest link top right of the main website itself. This allows you to see each article that has been published in the order they were published like a normal blog. 

Secondly with this in mind, I have now enabled a mobile friendly theme which will access should the site discover you are using a mobile device that does not like the current design. The mobile view uses the latest page as the default page and removes the different sections as it is hard to browse the website on a mobile device. All features such as comments work fine other then the videos which has been compeltely removed in the mobile view at this time.

So there we go, now you can find everything again.

Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2012). Latest page and mobile friendly stuff. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: [Accessed 07 Dec 2023].

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