Comments are a pointless relic

Does anyone even care?

Does anyone even care?

As one of the millions of bloggers I have always wished for people to comment and get involved in a discussion but like a few other bloggers the discussion that relates to the things I write about is being discussed on another website and not my own and again like other bloggers I have tried to get them involved on here.

The more I think about this the more I come to the understanding that comments on most blogs is actually pointless for a few reasons. The first is simple – most people when they create a blog they are expecting to create a community when people will discuss on the subject. That is fine for some blogs but a blog like mine people visit to enjoy the content and then go on about their lives and if they enjoyed the content then more often than not they will post it on a forum somewhere they often visit and discuss it with “like-minded people” to them.

A blog like this as above is not a community and nor is it designed to be one. This website is simply me posting things I want to write and people reading it to either enjoy, learn or to get pissed off about and that is it and no matter how I think about it that this website and many sites like mine is not a community and never will be.

The next reason is comments makes you believe you are either the best thing after Shakespeare or the worst thing before the first monkey on a type writer. If you think about what type of comments Tweaked for your Pleasure gets you will see they are split into three:

  • Comments saying how good the article is.
  • Comments debating my side.
  • Comments saying I am gay.

Now the first type of comment makes you feel happy that someone enjoyed reading it and makes you want to keep writing. Then you got the second type of comments which is what I prefer as it allows for discussion and to further improve on my writing but then you got the last type which ruins the reason for using a comment section in the first place.

It may sound somewhat stupid but when you get what I am going to call a “bad comment” (not a comment which points out negative things such as spelling mistakes, or proves my side of the debate wrong) it ultimately makes the writer few what they written as sub standard which then goes to affect other bits of work in future.

So ultimately it comes to a single question.

Why should people bother with comments anymore when their content is discussed elsewhere away from people who simply goes around posting crap for the sake of it when the most important part is writing so people can enjoy it?

Why bother trying to make a community when there is not one?

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Ellis, M (2012) Comments are a pointless relic. [online] Tweaked for your Pleasure. Available at: [Accessed 20 May 2022]

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