Not everything needs a sequel

I'm alive really
I’m alive really

When it comes to films and games revisiting an old world with its history and myths is always far cheaper and easy to do than making up a completely new one – this is why Square Enix created Fabula Nova Crystallis. Now there is no problem revisiting and re-using old ideas but you do not have to keep ending every single game and film with a cliffhanger or setting it up for a sequel when by itself it would have done just fine but welcome to milking things. 

Now I am not saying that every sequel out is bad but do you need to keep making stories where you must watch or play so many parts just to even understand what is going on or even a sudden twist at the end where it says – “Hey everything that happened doesn’t matter – look the big bad guy is still alive and on contract!”.

I can understand that some writers have a very massive story in their mind that they want to explore which could not fit into a single game or film and to me, those are the only sequels that now work but to other films written with a single story in mind – do you need to whack on an after-scene on just because you might make a bunch of money and thus make a sequel from a story which you never had an idea on how to carry it on?

Seriously I know it’s easy money but just keep that dead guy dead, okay?

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