The kid under the bus goes round and round

As some of you likely know (more so if you are parents but I do know many teenagers do read this website) it is half-term for a lot of places in this country and I only figured that out when I was sitting on a public bus and it was … relaxing and quiet (as quiet as an old bus can go anyway) and it got me thinking of something I wanted to write about ages ago.

If you are as unlucky as me you might live in a place that has very little public transport at all and if this is the case you will know what I am on about, if not then imagine living in a place where if you wanted to go somewhere without your own transport you have to rely on public transport that only exist to transport children to school (even if the council claims otherwise, they would cancel it in a heart beat if they could). As you might be able to imagine these buses would have to pick up a lot of people as to be anywhere worth while running they would need to pick a lot of people up. So now imagine a bus full of people and now imagine the same amount of children all having to fit on one bus where they is clearly not enough room.

So by now you should be imagining about an overfilled bus and if you are, you could imagine if you was catching that bus you would likely catch the first one on it or take a later bus (which ha, doesn’t exist) and if you are thinking this you can be sure as hell the children are thinking this one. So what is better than queuing up nicely then pushing and rushing your way into the bus and in the progress endangering other people by pushing them onto the road used by the buses.

Yep, you heard me right. What happened was a bunch of children wanted to get onto the bus so fast so they can get the seat they wanted, pushed the smaller children out-of-the-way close to the road (and a few of them did indeed actually hit the road).

Now thankfully the bus station I use is “not that busy” but really, why the HELL does anyone let alone children need to physically push people out-of-the-way just so they can get ONE seat on a bus?

Really does sitting at the back or at the top really matter “that” much compared to the health of someone else?

Well we already know the answer. Some children do not care and believe their status is more important than anything else. And some people wonder why pediaphobia exist.

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