Spare me a quid, gov ?

While I have always moaned about public transport in the past, there are times I have needed to use them for whatever purpose it was. Anyhow this story is not another bus one but rather what happened at the bus stop.

First, we need to put a picture into your mind and what better way than using crappy paint drawings.

So in your mind, you should now be thinking of a demonic-looking me and while I may have not looked like that physically, it is at least how I must have looked to the random people who walked by.

So I was in my local town for what I was recalling for shopping purposes when I finally got to the bus stop around half an hour before the bus should officially come. Having missed out on a pound coin for the bus, I asked a friend who was there if he had a spare pound coin or else I would have to go to the bank and withdraw. Thankfully he did and he passed it over and I put it into my left coat pocket.

Having then seen all the free seats taken, I drop to the floor and put my back to the wall like I always do and figured I can just sit here for a bit until the bus comes as I would normally do.

Having one of the rare days when it is actually very cold, I took my ushanka out with me when I went to town only for it to suddenly get very hot when I actually get into town. So when I sat down I decided to take off my ushanka and put it right down next to me when I slowly started to drift off to the land of nod.

As I am sure you can visualize that at a glance you might be able to think I look like a random homeless person on crack. Let me put another picture in your mind.

Anyhow after around ten minutes, I woke up and to my surprise, I actually found a lot of change in my ushanka which I then put into my jacket’s top left pocket. At this point, I decided to walk to the local charity shop for homeless people to give over all the change that people gave me and then walked back to the station.

At this point, I then walked up and at last, the bus was actually there and for once was there on time. So I walked onto the bus then the driver asked where I was going. So I told him and went to get my money out of my pocket to notice that I had nothing in it at all – my half sleeping brain decided to hand over my bus fare too.

I am sure this next picture says very well what I was thinking.

Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2011). Spare me a quid, gov ?. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: [Accessed 07 Dec 2023].

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