Is it too hard to make a keyboard?

Best phone I ever had!
Best phone I have ever had!

Searching the Internet on a mobile phone is okay at the best of times when you are using a touch screen and I can understand why they include them as they allow the devices to become thinner, smaller and all that bollocks but it is it seriously that hard to make a good mobile phone that has a good physical keyboard that runs modern operating systems?

Although it has been a while since when I last used it the last phone I could remember that had a really good physical keyboard that you could write emails on, documents and hell even post on community forums when they still used to exist was the O2 XDA Exec (HTC Universal was the original phone name before it was branded).

So why is that hard to make a phone that has an excellent keyboard? I know Blackberry at times does make phones that have keyboards but my experiences with those tend to be very bad and hell I do not even see many third-party add-ons to popular phones to add a physical keyboard and even far less for Android phones.

In my opinion and I know some people will disagree but nothing so far beats using an actual physical keyboard when it comes to writing stuff I do wish other phone makers other than Blackberry start making modern phones with physical keyboards – it’s tiring to find a phone with a keyboard with an outdated operating system or a phone with a modern operating system and no good keyboard.

Is it TOO much to ask for a physical keyboard … even one that works as an add-on?

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Its worth adding that after a bit of shopping I found Samsung seems to do a clip on keyboard for some models of its mobile phones. Seems to be solid enough and I might pick one up and do a review on it.