Let’s make some noise!

I am one of the first people that understand, embrace and outright thankful for every single health worker, vital employee, charity worker providing aid, and everyone that works together to keep the clogs of society going but can we all agree on something and that this whole making noise thing for them is a lot of crap.

There are two things wrong with this whole thing and the first is the whole idea of the lockdown is to avoid coming together in such a way as to spread the virus. You can debate that standing at your window or door is fine and sure you can have that one but there are many places where people are coming together to praise. It is as if people believe that once they start making noise that SARS-CoV-2 decides to have a tea break and wait for it to be over – it doesn’t. Do you know what it does? It spreads from person to person.

For the benefit of the doubt, let us assume you are simply doing it far away from everyone else there is a secondary issue – THE PEOPLE YOU ARE CLAPPING FOR ARE THE SAME PEOPLE THAT LIKELY NEED TO SLEEP. I understand people are grateful but want to know how to show them that. Let them sleep. Help them with their shopping, stuff they need to do. Let us get them the actual protective gear they need and so much more.

What they do not need is a lack of sleep and as nice as it is to be grateful to them – let’s give them the greatest gift of all. Let’s all stay inside, park on our sofa and stay in so they can do their jobs quickly, claims and more importantly – safely.

Let them sleep.

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