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This is the first of many essays about different topics I will be writing about. While I enjoy ranting on Tweaked for your Pleasure, I also do enjoy just writing about stuff and with this I am going to split my time between them.

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Transport is one of the most vital things for anyone in our modern world as it gets us to places of employment, education, social hangouts and much more but to myself one of the best reasons for transport is recreation and with this in mind I am going to write about my favourite method of transport – riding a bicycle.

Many years ago beyond a number I do not wish to count, I learned how to ride a bicycle with my oldest sister. I still remember the massive park where I was riding my first blue / yellow coloured scheme bike and I still remember smashing between the two slits on the park’s fence which enforced just how important wearing a helmet is.

I still remember riding the same bicycle to school regardless of the weather and I remember doing this the same even to college when the need came up. I remember with a former friend of mine as we cycled around Lincolnshire using a bicycle that would not change gear and I remember cycling once again around Rutland Waters with a good friend of mine and getting lost and causing quite a panic.

What I can not remember however is when I stopped riding a bicycle for something I enjoyed doing so much it just stopped being such an important thing. It no longer became a needed method of transport to get around as public transport or a motorcycle became the only way needed to get around but there is something missing that a bicycle brings.

It could be that riding a bicycle simply reminds me of a more simple time but I don’t think it is that. I think it’s mostly down to being lazy and finding a quick solution to problems which is something I have always done and something I think stopped me from enjoying reaching a solution rather than simply going for the quickest way.

Going back to cycling some of the many things I will remember is the wind blowing on myself, the sound of the countryside and the overall enjoyment of just spending some time away from everything and everyone with little care in the world.

Cycling has always been a wonderful way to mentally repair oneself and it is also a fantastic method to lose weight which is the main reason why I will be taking up cycling once again and with any hope upon the day I return to Israel, I will enjoy cycling around everywhere but for now, I am going to get back on the bike and just drift away into the horizon.

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