Sonic Superstars: My Review

Sonic Superstars

Ah, Sonic. A game series that I have a soft spot for for no real reason as the games themselves lately kinda suck. With that said when I heard about Sonic Superstars I was quite happy and eager to play it and this is my review after playing it. This review is spoiler-heavy.

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Sonic Origins: My Review

Sonic Origins

Ah, Sonic Origins a game that was first shown to the public didn’t even have footage of the remastered Sonic 3 which I suppose was a sign of things to come. Sonic Origins is a collection of remasters of Sonic, Sonic CD, Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles using the engine used to create Sonic Mania.

The remasters are releases of the Android versions with Sonic 3 and Knuckles is the only new remaster. There are a few things I will get into with this review but one thing I will say before I get onto the gameplay is just how rushed this port is. The menus used for each game that clearly from their original port and no time was spent making a uniform design and options.

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The Forest: My Review


Ah, The Forest is a game that took me ages to play although it was requested ages ago with a few people to play it together and it took me ages to wait until it went on sale before I bought it.

Originally I was going to record this for Playing Games with Snat but it did not work out for some reason I would like to thank Dianna, Kim and an unnamed person for playing this from start to end.

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Rimworld: My Review

Rimworld is a game that is hard to define as many would tell you it is a colony builder, war crime simulator or a simple base builder game but it is none of them – it is a storytelling game where you are playing it more to see how it ends and to help guide to an outcome you want while the storyteller does everything it can to fuck you over.

So much of this review is going to be based around the gameplay section and replayability so with that said let’s not waste any more time.

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Final Fantasy XIV: My Review

Final Fantasy Xiv

For this review, I am using the term Final Fantasy XIV for the base game (A Realm Reborn) and the following expansions: Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringers. I am not reviewing Endwalker, nor am I reviewing the original game.

Ah, Final Fantasy XIV an online RPG that I have played for many years has finally come around for a review. I have decided it is time to do my review due to how Endwalker will be finishing the overall story arc.

In case you do not know Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO based in the land of Eorzea where you play as an adventurer that has travelled to one of the three city-states and from here on you get involved in the local politics, join a group called the Scions of the Seventh’s Dawn, a local militia group and ultimately end up becoming the Warrior of Light who fights against pretty much divine beings over the many expansions it has. As with every review, I am not going to talk about the story as I leave it mostly spoiler-free but there is a free trial you can enjoy which goes up to level 60 and includes Heavenward.

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Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom: My Review

Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom

Ah, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom a game with a title that seems so out of place yet is the latest sequel of the Monster World series. I have recorded this series for Playing Games with Snat and I figured it was time to do a review on it. I am going to be talking about the version on the Playstation where the footage and screenshots have been taken and I am not going to talk about the fact this game is a rebranded Flying Hamster II – I am going to review it for the game it is.

The story, just like the whole of the Wonder Boy series, is very simple. You are a boy called Jin (no picking male or female in this game, something I will say is a shame nowadays) whose uncle Nabu seems to be drunk transforming everyone in the kingdom into animals – including Jin’s brother Zeke into a cute dragon.

With this in mind, Jin sets out to find out what has happened to his uncle, find out what the heck is going on and sort it out like the heroes before him.

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