Re-editing TFYVP

Yesterday I published the following news and there has been some “wondering” related to it. In case you missed the news, I have posted it again below.

I have been informed that there is a few copyright issues on the videos of Wrights Productions and this includes Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure for certain reasons.

This is not however bad news for my fans. For your pleasure I am going to be re-uploading these to my YouTube account (remember originally I never was able to upload long videos) but will be editing them to fix them up at parts. These will include the new modern intro, HD resolution although it will be on a dolphin backdrop and the start of each video will be re-done to state what happened.

For this reason, Playing Games with Snat will be slowed down until I do them all so expect a PGWS maybe once a week rather than twice a week.

Well, sorry to hear Popmanw. I would also like to do a quick shout out to Amazing World for providing music in some of my videos, and hope I am still able to keep using them in future 😉

Now we will skip the part about Wrights’s Productions as he will sort that out and it is none of our problems. What has happened is some videos for Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure has somewhat “debatable” copyrighted content and some have now started flagging up on YouTube.

For the record for those that do not understand, any video now on my official channel (Snat’s YouTube Crap) is fine. Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure is all fine, Playing Games with Snat has some claims for its music which is fine, The’Dog gets claims for the music which is fine (ads only display on the video) and one Snat’s vBlog has a music claim on it (again, is fine).

It is the videos that are hosted on Popmanw’s channel for Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure that is having the issues (aka, the original old videos). So what I am doing is simply going to re-edit these videos to make sure there are no issues with copyright and all that and then upload them onto my channel from the link above.

So quick questions for those that asked me last night before 3G died.

Will you keep making videos?


Does this mean all your videos are gone?

No. It means they will all end up on my account.

Will the old ones still stay?


Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2012). Re-editing TFYVP. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: [Accessed 25 May 2024].

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