Welcome to Tweaked for your Pleasure!

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For many years now I have written a lot of crap, directed and starred in YouTube videos, and developed many programs that I decided to use this website as an archive for every single bit of stuff I have done over the years.

Please do enjoy my writings (rants, reviews, and short stories) via the links above and there is also a link in the same menu that will forward you to my YouTube page where you can see most of the videos I created such as Playing Games with Snat.

Later in the year, I will also be creating a new section where you are able to download any PHP related projects I have worked on and even buy a few scripts that I still have for sale.

Please do enjoy Tweaked for your Pleasure.

You may have noticed that over the last few months I have not been releasing Playing Games with Snat and ...
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Privacy is something that many people don't find important until it is lost and lately a lot of web browsers ...
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Just like how I imagine most people reading Tweaked for your Pleasure have at one point had to go to ...
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If there is one thing I will stress repeatedly to everyone is that it is very important to not only ...
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