Don’t make me the villian for your child

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I’m not sure if quite a few parents nowadays are starting to feel entitled, far to stressed out or just do not really want to be a parent in the first place but I am noticing much more that parents are using other things to take the blame so they do not need to parent anymore and as much as the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”, it is bullshit to blame the village for not doing your job.

So my story starts in a small cafe I enjoyed going to at times which serves quite nice chicken meals where a mother comes in with two children and some shopping. I am not sure how long it takes to order or what they ordered but after I started to eat I heard the woman say to her child something along the following. 

Will you just eat that already? If you do not behave that man in the suit over there is going to come over and kick us out.

Seriously? I get parenting can be hard and I can get people to want a break but you are not your child’s friend but rather there to guide them. Do not place the blame or reasonability on others and I know a few people will comment saying it does not affect me or anything but it affects the child. They may go onto blaming others about their problems, not listen to their parent and so on in future.

It’s the same problem you get on a bus, train or a plane. You have a child kicking, smashing, hitting or heck even biting the back of the seat. Rather than explaining why it is a bad thing to do and why they should stop them instead they blame the person on the seat that they will moan if they keep it up.

Just don’t blame others for failing to want to punish your child – it ain’t far on others and I don’t want to spend time with a kid looking at me like I’m some villain stopping their fun.

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