Sempre provare ancora e ancora

Many years ago now I remember a time where I used to hate anything that looks, felt, smelt or even sounded like a vegetable and would go out of my way not to actually eat them. Just the sight of them used to make me feel nausea and this stayed with me for ages. However I remember this one day I went out to an Italian cafe which was ran by an Italian family.

... no thanks
… no thanks

Now I am sure you heard of the stereotype of their mothers and I would be lying if the mother and owner of the cafe was not the same. So I ordered myself a pizza with chips (yes, I know it is a vegetable) and the owner just smiled and said – sure thing sweetie. So after a short while, I noticed it actually took some time to make and cook the pizza but that was alright, I was not in a hurry when I noticed something – everyone had vegetables on their plate.

Wondering to myself for a few minutes, I simply decided that people actually order and enjoy them. About 10 minutes later the owner of the cafe came out with the same smile and told me she was sorry about the delay and put down a large plate. Now to my surprise, it was actually a large pizza and a whole plate full of chips. The mother of them then turned around and said to help myself to as much vegetables that I wanted.

After a second blinking I just went, oh thank you and then went on to enjoy my meal and yes, the meal itself was lovely. Nearing the end of my pizza the mother again came over with a large bowl and went on to putting a whole range of vegetables right on my plate. After blinking for a few mins, she then sat down and started chatting about things which fair enough I have no problems with but the problem is after a few minutes she asked why I have not had any yet. Thinking we are both adults and mature about it, she simply said – “O boy, how can you tell me you do not like my vegetables if you never tried them sweetie”.

Well ultimately I tried them and fair enough, most of them taste differently to how I remembered them but I still did not like the ones I used to hate. Afterwards we finished chatting she thanked me for coming and then I left.

When I look back she may have been wrong about liking the vegetables, but she was right about something – do not let past experiences put you off from experiencing something again. Even to this day, I will still try some vegetables – at least she stops glaring at me now when I walk in again

Need to reference?

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Richard Lawrence

You learnt a flipping lesson. Clop clop clop do not let past experiences put you off from experiencing something again. Well if it were me, I wouldn’t “sit” for it, I can’t stand it when parents add to the plate without asking, but in a resturant NO with a big N O. But I hope that Pizza was worth it, and I wish I didn’t read that when hungry. But it past the time waiting for my downloads to finish, although that would’ve been what I said if I remembered to start them, damn. I have placed a few jokes… Read more »


Looks like someone watches My Little Pony 😉

Pizza was actually good though.