Final Fantasy XIII-2: My Review

Final Fantasy XIII-2

The review has been updated based on the United Kingdom’s release of Final Fantasy XIII-2. I am sure anyone that has a brain and who reads Tweaked for your Pleasure would have worked out I would end up doing a Final Fantasy XIII-2 review and with the power of importing, here is the review. The game is based after the events of what happened in Final Fantasy XIII so if you have not completed that, complete it first as it will make sense.

Game play wise, it does play much like Final Fantasy XIII but and I will repeat this once, does not feel the same and unlike Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years etc this game actually feels like it is a game on its own and can stand against the game before it. Anyhow, let’s talk a little about the game in relation to the story.

The story itself takes place 3 years after the final events of Final Fantasy XIII in which Ragnarok prevented Cocoon from being destroyed and the main characters being freed from being a I’Cie with one of those characters being Serah – the main person you play as within Final fantasy XIII-2 and Vanille and Fang now gone from the world.

However, it is discovered that due to Orphan’s defeat, something odd happens which brings a side effect which causes Lightning to be lost from time and go to Valhalla which is ultimately the driving point of Final Fantasy XIII-2 with Serah travelling over time to look for her, believed to be dead, sister. Have I confused you yet? No good. Now I will not ruin the whole story for you but the game itself involves around time travelling and fixing paradoxes that are being caused by a reason I am not going to explain.

Now enough about the story. The gameplay wise the game plays much like Final Fantasy XIII with elements of time travelling, mini games and other features. The battling within the game works mostly the same with you having to select your paradigms between Serah, Noel and other monsters you find within the game such as a Chocobo that I keep using. There is also a new thing called Feral link but I will not get into that.

So overall, what do I think about the game. I myself feel that you need to have actually completed Final Fantasy XIII and understood it to actually get the best value from Final Fantasy XIII-2 but in itself, it is still a great story for those that have not played the first one.

Well, that is my quick review about it. I am sure you will find people playing it on YouTube if you wanted to see more. Buy Online: Amazon

Overall Score: 10/10

Snat’s Score
Graphics: 10/10 – Plot: 10/10 – Dialogue: 10/10 – Gameplay: 10/10

Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2012). Final Fantasy XIII-2: My Review. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: [Accessed 07 Dec 2023].

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Been a big fan of FF series. Thank you very much for sharing this review. I’ve learned something new and I really had a great time reading this.