The negativity of the Internet

If you are worried about the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, please check out the NHS’s website for further information. Good chances are you will be okay but stay at home – don’t pass it on to someone that might not be!

At the time of writing this rant, there is a pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 that is affecting most nations at this time and while it looks like something that the masses will survive, it is very important to deal with but as a former microbiologist, I am starting to notice just how horrible the mass amount of false information on the Internet can be and why it is harmful.

There is a popular online game that I enjoy playing called Final Fantasy XIV and even on that, I am finding players spamming text emotes saying stuff like “cough, you all got it now” and “run away from the English” during a big server event and it just sad on how people are not taking things seriously – the people they are talking to may be afraid of what is happening around them.

There are even more examples on Facebook with people outright tagging folks that are saying they are self-isolating that they are “pussies” and “nothing bad is going to happen” and that they are ruining things for the rest of them and it just shows the self-entitlement we seem to have nowadays.

Today is not a day that people should be joking about things (I understand keeping spirits up) but posting memes, jokes, or even outright threats about what is going on is something we should be avoiding and just shows how sad we are nowadays as a group. Don’t share those memes, don’t share false information but do stay positive – life isn’t stopping because of this.

Now onto something serious, if you are worried about SARS-CoV-2 I recommend simply turning off the news and listening to some calm music. The many will be fine and good chances you will be as well. Practice good hygiene, stay away from people (if you go out, avoid people as much as possible) and stay in contact with friends and family using the Internet rather than face-to-face.

It is also in times like this we must be positive as well and help each other. If you are someone that is healthy and it is safe for you and others to do so please do think about volunteering. Many food banks right now are lacking manpower massively due to the average age group of volunteers but many organisations need help right now.

Regardless of what you do, stay safe out and where possible stay at home.

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