Do it for the likes

Do it for the Likes!
Do it for the Likes!

I doubt a single person is reading this right now that could honestly say they do not know what Facebook is, what Twitter is or any of the 100 million social networks and I am pretty sure most people that use social networks have that one friend that is always posting pictures about everything they are doing and so fore.

I imagine you are debating with yourself right now why this is a problem and it isn’t in a way – if you don’t want to see people posting pictures about something then you can just unfollow them but its more to do with people who are simply maintaining an online image so that they can make their lives looks perfect … which to them they see as long as they are getting a ton of likes it is.

Life is rarely perfect but honestly no need to pretend it is. I see so many people who only post pictures about their children and how it’s their whole life and when you speak to them they have nothing but regret – but as long as it looks like they are happy then out of sight, out of mind I imagine.

There is little need to pretend your life is perfect. Go and experience what life has to offer. If you want a relationship then go out and forge one. Enjoy your time together, and make memories but do not go around posting stuff on social networks hoping that someone validates something that is not real to your life.

So really go out and experience the real world and make your memories. No one will give shit after five minutes about your “perfect life” and will go on about their day while you sit there refreshing your screen hoping someone agrees with you.

But seriously – it’s fine to do whatever the fuck you want. You don’t want children? Go for it and ignore all those that tell you that must be pumping out children for England. Don’t want to get married? Go for it, you can always travel the world. Just don’t do what others do in life because it’s what is expected of you and thus you got to pretend to enjoy it because “hey, everyone else is enjoying it so there is something wrong with me if I ain’t”.

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