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I am quite sure many people that are reading right now, you included, have used apps such as Just Eat to order your favourite take away and while they are good for ordering at home they are starting to ruin the experience of going to the take away itself.

The other day I decided I wanted to pick up a McChicken sandwich and figured I could cycle up to the local McDonalds, buy one and eat it outside while listening to a bit of music but when I got there it was nothing but busy. You are likely thinking now that McDonald’s is always busy but it wasn’t because of queues of people waiting to order but instead, a bunch of delivery drivers all just standing around yelling at each other demanding their order while the people waiting in line seem to be invisible to everyone around them.

Another example is when I went to KFC and I was the only one there and once again there were a couple of delivery drivers who were waiting right at the counter blocking access for me to place an order. So I decided to use the self-service kiosk and it took around forty minutes for the order to be made during that time I must have seen around twenty drivers come in and out with their orders.

It might just be myself but that feeling just outright sucks. I understand those apps rate places based on how fast they are and that it goes against them should things fuck up but it outright sucks that people who turn up to the actual place are effectively refused service all because the delivery apps demand that they get placed ahead of others otherwise your ratings disappear.

Either employ more people so that you can fulfil both sets or orders, or just focus on the one. w, which common sense if you got demand. It just sucks that nowadays you can’t walk in somewhere and just be served food but at the end of the day people will vote with their money and just go elsewhere.

Seriously it should not be hard in the slightest to just walk in somewhere and just order some food but I wonder if it’s faster to use an app to order and walk in and pick it up yourself and just sit down in the building.

Have you ever suffered the same type of pain when it came to ordering food lately or much prefer this setup? I would love to hear people’s opinions on it.

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