The problem with the games

Short of living under a rock for the last year, I’m pretty sure you have heard all about the Olympic games and that the Paralympic games are now started and not too surprisingly there seems to be a lack of interest in it … and I’m not that surprised.

When the Olympic games become known who is hosting and the other stuff it does (am a great believer it should stay in Greece but that’s a debate for another day about IOC corruption) there is an insane amount of hype built into the marketing which successfully causes quite a lot of people to attend or watch it. The problem with this is that the Paralympic suffers from this as by the time the Olympics is over the hype is over and if it was shown before the Olympics people still would not be interested as the hype is built over the Olympics. 

Now I do understand why there are two different set of conditions to enter these games due to some will have an unfair advantage for whatever reason but what I do not get is why not host these games together at the same time?

Imagine you are watching the Judo event during the Olympics and during the whole set time (and yes I know each event would have to last longer) that they mixed in the Judo from both the Olympics and Paralympics. This way the hype is built into the overall games and everyone gets to enjoy seeing everyone aiming to get gold.

It just really confuses me why they would host it as two different games. The only reasons I can think off is either to make extra money (quite likely) or its more to do with the total amount of sitting but I would imagine most that are interested in the Olympics is also interested in the Paralympics and the other way around too.

Still, would make a hell of a lot of sense to host them together and let the hype market them both rather than one or the other given half of the world’s attention.

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