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Back when IRC first came around it allowed people to contact another person in real-time and sometime later, Instant Messaging such as MSN, GTalk and others were born. Over time these IM clients involved running on just about anything that has a connection to the Internet and thus with this people started to get used to being able to contact anyone at any time and expect a reply back right away.

I am sure everyone knows that person who will always keep sending messages when you do not reply in less than a microsecond. I am sure you also know the ones that if you do not reply in a nanosecond they say:

Annoying Person (13:40:01): Hey you there LOL!!!1

Annoying Person (13:40:05): LOL11L did you get my message !!!!

Annoying Person (13:40:07): You THERE LOLOL !!!

Annoying Person (13:40:09): FINE DO NOT ANSWER CUNT !!!111!!!11

Annoying Person (13:40:11): PLZ PAY ATTENTION 1!!!11111!!!111!!!111

And then these messages will repeat until you either reply at which they will either moan at you for not replying to their “super urgent messages” or will cry or something along those lines. The worst kind is the ones that say they need to speak to you urgently or need to tell you something and thus need you to reply as soon as possible and of course, they fail to remember one little thing.


So let me give everyone a lesson on understanding chat clients so that you know when you are contacting people what to expect. This guide is also useful for people who use these statuses.

1. The away status.

The away status is a very useful tool for telling the other person that you are away from the computer. Now you could be away for reasons like doctors, college, work or heck simply because you do not use the computer or whatever device 24 hours a day. Basically another way to say it is:


See how simple that is. However, those that look at that status will not see it like that. They will see it like this.


As you can see these types of people will not believe you can be away from the device you use. But let us carry on.

2. The busy status.

Like the away status, the busy status allows you to tell everyone that you are now busy and can not reply or simply not reply because you could be showing someone your screen or something along those lines. In other words:


Just as simple as the away one but naturally these people will not see it like that but of course will see it like this.


So now you know what the two status updates are for, I am now going to explain the final solution for people like those.


Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2011). Currently not here …. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: [Accessed 06 Dec 2023].

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