Google Workspace and Google Pay


Much like quite a few people, I signed up for Google Apps for Your Domains which then became Google Suite and then finally to Google Workspace as they started to remove users. I was moved to a plan called “G Suite legacy free edition” which I am still using to this day but like many others, I seem limited to what I can do.

One of these limitations is Google Pay and after doing some research I have found quite a few people claim it works and others say it doesn’t and every time I tried to change settings I was unable to get Google Wallet to work. With this in mind, this article is a guide on what you can try to get it working.

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Farewell Lilibet


As much as I do not give a single fuck about the Royal Family not many people can deny that our late Queen was a great person, a spokesperson you could be proud to be Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II was a boon to the United Kingdom and she will be missed by many.

Queen Elizabeth to many did feel like the nation’s grandmother and I do kinda get that. I still remember when I met her and her daughter and they both were lovely people. While I do not think anyone here can deny that the Queen died the day her husband did, none here can deny that she was very dedicated to her promise to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

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Thirty-mile commute on an e-bike

close up of arrow symbol on road

I am sure if you have read Tweaked for your Pleasure for many years you will know both the following:

  • I love riding a motorbike
  • I love cycling
close up of arrow symbol on road
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With this in mind, plus the fact I need to lose a lot more weight – I am 160Kg as of writing this! – I have decided to try commuting to my workplace only by cycling. Back many years ago and I am talking about a long time I used to ride the same route on a single-gear bicycle. This time I am going to be using my Sheng Milo MX02S to do this and will be doing it three times a week.

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How I do backups

Screenshot 20200708 170226.png

If there is one thing I will stress repeatedly to everyone is that it is very important to not only make backups but to also test those backups and today I thought I would go over how I do my backups for a couple of websites.

The first thing I will state is for personal websites I prefer to do these manually rather than automatically but each step is easy to automate and for the database side of things I do run a plugin that does that part. Without further delay let’s go into a bit of detail about how I manually make these backups and why I do it this way!

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A lost chance at a universal language

This article is not speaking about Esperanto although I am interested in learning this language on Duolingo.

If you are to think about languages that people use what do you think? English? Maybe Hebrew, Chinese or Spanish but I bet you are thinking of a verbal language. What if I told you there is another type of language (and I am not talking about mathematics or programming languages) and I am writing about visual languages such as the British Sign Language.

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My favourite method of transport

This is the first of many essays about different topics I will be writing about. While I enjoy ranting on Tweaked for your Pleasure, I also do enjoy just writing about stuff and with this I am going to split my time between them.

“Bike’s” by Nick Fedirko is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 

Transport is one of the most vital things for anyone in our modern world as it gets us to places of employment, education, social hangouts and much more but to myself one of the best reasons for transport is recreation and with this in mind, I am going to write about my favourite method of transport – riding a bicycle.

Many years ago beyond a number I do not wish to count, I learned how to ride a bicycle with my oldest sister. I still remember the massive park where I was riding my first blue / yellow coloured scheme bike and I still remember smashing between the two slits on the park’s fence which enforced just how important wearing a helmet is.

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