Why I am going vegetarian this year

So with a new year upon it, people all around the world have already broken the promises they made to themselves about changing themselves and like other people I have a few. The one I am going to share on Tweaked for your Pleasure is not about losing weight (although that is the main one I am going to be doing) it’s about the reasons why I am aiming to go vegetarian as much as I can this year.

The primary reason and you might not be surprised about this knowledge about me but it’s so I can keep kosher as much as “reasonably possible”. The reason for this is all vegan food is kosher by default as it does not have any animal products thus you do not need to worry about how the animal was killed nor worry about mixing up dairy and meat products.

Now some people reading this might be saying that it still does not have the certification to say it’s kosher but that’s sadly the United Kingdom for you. Not many places in this country will even say they are kosher – let alone hold a hechsher and when it comes to eating out which can be a must for people who eat vegetarian food is still kosher without the hechsher behind it. You could also debate anything could be cooked in animal fat but all you can do is believe that if the place claims it is vegetarian it likely will be okay unless told otherwise.

The secondary reason is I honestly just don’t miss meat that much. Outside of chicken wings, I do not enjoy meat that much compared to the other stuff I have. I would rather have a jacket potato than a beef burger.

The third reason is pretty simple and one you may have guessed from the start – it is simply more healthy and far better for the environment than it is to grow meat – something that in the future people will come to witness.

Now I’m not saying people should go away from meat as I do understand people do enjoy it but if people can eat less meat, they will see health benefits there are also benefits to our way of life.

I am willing however to take bets on how long it will last!

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