Samba 3G: My Review

Samba 3G - Advert Supported Free Network

Samba 3G – Advert Supported Free Network

I promised this review to a few people so I have finally got around to writing it. For those that is in a hurry I can sum the review up in one line – if you are in a Three enabled area that it will work well but the ads is a bit buggy and some time does not credit you for them.

Samba 3G is a mobile 3G service that gives you credit in the form of megabytes that you can use on pretty much anything that is able to use 3G in exchange for viewing adverts or by topping up with cash but that does beat the point. If you are wondering which provider Samba 3G uses it is the Three Network so if you live in an area where Three works perfectly then this will work perfectly and if you live in a place where it doesn’t, this will not.

Earning what I am going to call credit with Samba 3G is very easy, all you do is log into their website, click the Earn Credit link and start watching adverts. The adverts on what you are interested in watching and surprisingly they do keep updating them so every day there is something to watch. There are also ones where you have to sign up to somewhere but I have not tested those ones and have no plans in doing so.

However this is where a problem comes in. For a while I have used Samba 3G and there has been times when either the video has not streamed fast enough and the “ad expired” or I have outright did not get the credit. I should note that this has happened rarely and on most days I get the credit with no issues.

One thing this review can not comment on as thankfully I never had too is what happens if you get into a negative balance or support. I have read that if you run out of credit that it does not suspend your account and allow you to go into a negative balance at which time you will need to keep viewing adverts to get it back in. I would imagine if you go into the red far enough that they will suspend you and ask you to pay to get it back but I have not got to that point. I have also had no need to contact their support but they do offer a community support forum that runs bbPress.

So there you have it – that is my review on the Samba 3G free service. For anyone that is interested in signing up, you will need to spend 5 quid for the sim card but it is worth it. I would also be grateful if you sign up using my referral link here – Free Three 3G with Samba 3G.

Would love to hear what other people think about Samba 3G in the comments below.

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