Zombie Apocalypse – Who wouldn’t love it ?

In our modern culture, zombies are very common and hell, even most religions have stories about the dead walking on the land once again. I am sure that most people here will just laugh and say that such things will not ever exist but the fact that “scientifically” we are heading towards being able to “create” zombies. Such reasons are below and sure, the top three would not create a walking undead but the bottom two could actually do so.

  • Brain Parasites
  • Neurotoxins
  • “The Real Rage” Virus
  • Neurogenesis
  • Nanobots

Now, we wo not bother with the science behind it or the reasons it may happen as we really just do not care but for whatever reason it has happened and to be honest, who here would not like it ?zombie

One of the first things is that society will always break down and that people will go on their own way. Sure, the Governments will try to do something but they will either fail or win against the zombies. If they win, great we all get to live on with our lives again but if they fail that is where the fun starts. The first thing we will see when the Governments fail is anarchy everywhere and then we will see small gangs, clans and so fore. These will typically fight each other in random wars in trying to gain control of something but anyhow for whatever reason they are fighting themselves.

During all of this is where the likes of you and me would be involved. After some time, things would have settled down and you would either be one of the them, in a gang or you would be by yourself or a small group of friends. You would end up having to fight to survive and after some time, people will start to form societies again and culture but of this the zombies are still out there trying to kill people.

For the rest of your life (or for some unknown time), you would be fighting zombies and think about it that it would be the first time in your life you likely would feel guilt free and better yet – It is even “politically correct” !

Of course, there is bound to be quite a few “Undead Human Rights” (The word Zombie might offend them) that will go around saying randomly killing zombies is not the way to solve the issue and that we should live together or something like that but of course, no one will actually give a shit about what they think during these times.

But it will not go on forever as it will end in sadly only two ways. The first way would be that the few humans that are still alive with kill off / solve / cure the zombie problem and then mankind goes back to rebuilding itself. The next one would be that humans just hid off and finally dies out or that maybe the zombies just wins for whatever reason.

Who wins is not really a matter but for the short time that it is happening, it would give me an excuse to walk around with a katana and a Mark XIX Desert Eagle. Now, if this actually happened and lets be honest, the chances are near to nothing at the mo what would YOU do and more importantly, would you enjoy it ?

(I been writing on this blog for 8 years now, it is about time I wrote something about zombies is not it ?)

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Ellis, M (2010) Zombie Apocalypse – Who wouldn’t love it ?. [online] Tweaked for your Pleasure. Available at: https://snat.co.uk/rants/zombie-apocalypse-who-wouldnt-love-it.html [Accessed 17 May 2022]

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