Screw restaurant apps

It is no secret that I don’t like how delivery companies getting priority at takeaway cafes due to apps like Just Eat it might also not be surprising I hate the new idea that is becoming common and that is being forced to use your phone to place an order.

For those that may not be able to guess this happened when I went to a pub to visit a friend I haven’t seen in many years and when I went to order food I found I couldn’t do it in person; there wasn’t even a menu and you had to scan a QR code to get a PDF menu. Once you knew what you wanted from the menu the same PDF had a link to download an app where you could order food.

The app itself was shit which not only lagged but required you to enter the address of the pub (really, I am not joking) and once you placed the order it automatically asked about a “suggested” tip. It might just be myself but why the fuck would anyone tip them 15% or better yet what the fuck has the app done to even deserve a tip? The cost of running the app is already included in the cost of the bill and nothing else happens as there is no one to accept an order for food.

Nonetheless while trying to force an extra charge “suggested tip” is disgusting as it is, am I the only one that seems to miss the reason for eating out? I go out to eat to meet people and when I am there I must prefer to be in their company and attention rather than both of us just playing around on our phones barely listening and simply seemingly being there due to social obligations.

Another problem I have with this becoming more common is what happens if you simply don’t have a phone with you or don’t fancy scanning a random QR code that could send you to a fake website or execute an unexpected code. You could argue that the places will have someone to order but not finding someone was near impossible and finding a menu was even harder,

I do understand the benefits of using an app to order food such as being able to place the order in advance and such but apps like this are ruining the experience of eating out and I do believe they could cause the death of restaurants. The reason it will be the death of restaurants is people eat out for the experience and without that experience, you may as well get a take away which is often cheaper, taste better and have far many more options.

If you have ever had an experience like this I would love to hear about it. Post a comment and we can all rant together!

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