The wheels on the bus

.... a sight I am sure you all seen
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If you are a long-term reader of Tweaked for your Pleasure then I am pretty sure you are aware that I do not like the public bus service that runs near me and yet again today we have another horror story.

So the other day I was coming home from a place that is long dead when I had to get the bus which the school children use. While I normally have no problems with that bus as the children go upstairs and there is room below, I seem to have it on the day when a few people who were getting on the bus had the biggest ego in the world – an ego so powerful that it makes Final Fantasy’s Kefka look like he is a normal jester.

Two “somewhat” elderly people got on and sat near the front and nothing wrong with that but when I finally got on the bus and it was mostly full I stood in the standing area to then be told by the women:

You can not stand there love. Someone is coming with a buggy

The half not be bothered to deal with people I went okay and went to sit down near her where suddenly she went:

You can not sit there. Where do you think the person with the buggy is going to sit!

So I looked at her and then looked at the woman with the buggy and she looked fine enough to stand up. However after a bit the older women started moaning and I decided to stand in the alley bit. At this point the women got on the bus and then pushed her pram in the area designed for wheel chairs.

Now my problem is not with the elderly woman but the one with the pram. You would think that when she got on the bus she would fold up the pram so people can stand up. Naturally, this would be a short little rant if she did. What she did do however was took her child out of the pram, even more so when the child seemed fine in it, and then demanded someone to give up their seat for her child.

What I find interesting is when I looked around about people doing this, I found tons of forums with people moaning that it is within their right to bring a pram on the bus and have room for it due to paying their fare (keep in mind that on the bus I get, children under a certain age is free). So why is it that people with a pram believe they should automatically get the right to take the pram on the bus and use a place that someone else paid for (regardless if you fold it up or not) when someone with a bike (regardless if you fold it up or not) gets told that they are not allowed to take it on because there is no room?

I would hate to see someone in a wheel chair with that person on-board as there was no room for a wheel chair to fit, nor was there any further room to fold up that pram and put it somewhere.

I fail to see why people will not use a pram designed to fold up if they use public transport a lot. I do not care if you got a pram designed to carry everything with you that is impossible to fold – YOU chose to use the public bus. I am not allowed to bring on a bicycle on and leave it in the alley way or disabled part – people with prams can not either.

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