Revamping and Revitalising

Free code on a MacBook

The last time I posted anything in the news section of this website was in 2008 and I think it is fair to say quite a bit of time has passed. I figured for people that are subscribed to get updates a quick run down on what I am aiming to do this year.

The first thing you will notice is I have renamed it to Snat’s Narratives & Tales rather than Tweaked for your Pleasure. As much as I liked the name I felt it didn’t suit the domain that much and the joke of the name has long passed. I am looking to change the design of the blog but for now, I am using GeneratePress.

While I know not a single person reading this will care about this paragraph but the Hebrew version is now online again and while it will not mirror this website please feel free to visit if you understand Hebrew: איזה בחור: נרטיבים וסיפורים. I am using it as a method to practice my Hebrew so don’t expect much.

Content-wise I am aiming to update this a lot more. I have a couple of reviews I am currently writing up and some short story ideas but I starting to get the spark again for some rants. Sadly the last two-three years I haven’t had anything much to moan about but hopefully that changes this year! You will notice there will be a bunch of new coding-related articles and I know not everyone likes that so that leads to my next point. I do intend to keep up with my bad drawings for my rants and with the new drawing pad I have I am hoping to do a more terrible job more often.

I am looking to change the email subscription to be able to pick what categories of articles you want to see. Some people only want to read the rants, others enjoy coding stuff and others are more interested in reviews so I am hoping to change that soon.

For Playing Games with Snat, I can be honest now and say it will be a bad year for it. I am hoping to finish Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy VII: The New Threat halfway into the year. I should be releasing two Wonder Boy series soon as I only need to edit them. The idea afterwards is to move back to the original goal of the series and play mods and maybe some randomisers – something that is quick and easy to record.

My two goal for the year is to get more people interacting with the website so please do comment furthermore the second job is to finally start promoting the new Just a Community – a Discord server!

Need to reference?

Ellis, M. (2023). Revamping and Revitalising. [online] Snat's Narratives & Tales. Available at: [Accessed 07 Dec 2023].

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