This ends right now

I am aware that you enjoy parody, funny or just outright ranting articles a lot more than serious ranting but I think it is time we had a talk about something. For many years now a certain lot of “people” have been denied access to the very basic rights that we enjoy today.

The one right I am going to talk about and what we can do to help these lot is the Internet. For a long time, these lots have been DENIED access to the Internet and importantly the World Wide Web for what is NO reason at all. It is not even like China where the Internet is censored – we are talking about completely NO access to the Internet in any shape or form.

Like many others, I just can not put my head around why society does not give them the right to access the Internet. It makes me wonder what the hell did they do in the first place and by the looks of it they did nothing. Do you really want a group out there to be denied access to the Internet which is not due to cost, technical reasons or because they do not want it?

I thought not. I knew you are right now surprised and shocked by all this and I know you want to help so read on. For many years now the family known as Delphinus has forcefully been denied to the Internet we all know is the exact same one you are using now.

Well, I say no more. I say we should go out and get them access to the Internet.

Talk about dolphins and why society will not allow them to start blogs up. First, let me know about the family known as Delphinus and what they have done for us.

Many will not know but the family Delphinus has for many generations has helped us to hunt for food such as fish, they have saved many of us from dying when no other help could come and lately, they have even helped us in the war against terror.

Yes, they are helping us fight terrorists as of today and yet we for some reason REFUSE to give them the right to access the public Internet.

So who do we blame and how do we fix this is something you must be thinking about right now. Well, let me explain.

Animal rights groups for many years now have demanded to keep the natural order of life in the wild and sadly this includes dolphins. For some reason, they are not interested in allowing dolphins to access the Internet as it will damage their natural culture and dolphins will not be the same.

They think for some reason that If we allow dolphins to put computers into their oceans and allow them to access the Internet their culture will be “damaged”. There are even debates that dolphins will not even be able to use the Internet but research shows the following and facts do not lie people.


We must act now as who knows what the animal rights group will want help. Maybe next they will not allow dogs to read the newspaper just because it will damage their culture. Next, we will see dogs not being allowed to read the paper and all they will be allowed to do is “fetch” the paper so someone else could read it while they just sit there hoping the person reading will read out aloud.

Do you want to be the one to tell dogs that reading a newspaper is not allowed because it will damage their culture and that we all have to “preserve” them? Well, I say let us end this today.

I have designed two posters, go and spread the word peeps.

Act today and we can make this world a better place, a brighter future for everyone.

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