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Published on 5th May 2015 – 16 Iyyar 5775. Last updated on January 21, 2019.

Videos coming back soon!

Videos coming back soon!

Yikes! Its been a while from when I have updated Tweaked for your Pleasure and it’s not due to lack of ideas but a lot of other stuff that’s been popping up and some stuff that’s been happening within my own personal life.

But thankfully that is now passing over and just giving a note that I am now planing to carry on with the following video series while also updating Tweaked for your Pleasure with the random stuff that appears in my end. The videos are:

  1. Tweaked for your Viewing Pleasure
  2. Playing Games with Snat (Can’t link to this – far too many)
  3. Behind the Science (Matthew’s Edition)
  4. Snat’s Music

I am expecting to get back to these as of next week and if you want further updates please do subscribe to my Facebook Fanpage as I will be aiming to update that often with random bits and bobs.

So until next time and to those that keep checking daily – subscribe to my email or Facebook already 😉

But in a serious note that I am sorry for the lack of updates for a while – a lot of things have happened and now I have time once again. Also for those that was looking forward to Part 2 of PGWS Ultimate Doom that sadly it has now been cancelled and for those that liked the first part a lot, I would advise to download it as I may delete it soon.

Image provided by Idea go from Free Digital Photos

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