Its nothing to do with not enough people

Across the United Kingdom, it is being reported that many vegan restaurants are now closing down due to a lack of business due to a lack of vegans but it isn’t anything to do with that – its to do with cost.

While I am not vegan, I find most restaurants and takeaways offer vegan or vegetarian offers – heck even KFC offers such an option and if you tried out their new burger it is quite nice for what it is.

It is for this reason that I believe that beyond the ethical reason some may have for not eating at a place that cooks animals, I find it very hard to understand why people will go to a meat-free location and spend £20 on the same thing they would get for a fiver elsewhere.

Seriously I would be impressed if anyone that is reading Tweaked for your Pleasure right now could find a vegan restaurant that is reasonably priced when compared to other non-vegan places.

Do not get me wrong with this as moving over to a zero meat diet is something we will need to do as a culture to be able to feed ourselves but right now the cost of living on a vegan diet is stupidly high compared to the being able to pick up cheap processed food for a quid from the back creepy looking freezer.

It is an understandable dream to want ethical restaurants, food chains and so much more but until the cost to do so is reasonable, it will forever stay a dream.

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