Read the highway code

I am not sure how many people on Tweaked for your Pleasure drives beyond virtual gaming and all that but for those that do, I am sure everyone has seen drivers that seems to have never even heard of the highway code – let alone even seem to have seen another person on the road.

So the other day I had one of these rare trips into Grantham where I actually use a car. Anyhow I finally found a car park on the side of the street at which point I parked. The person in front me had loads of room to move out and also had loads of room so others could park in front of the person.

Where I was parked

So after parking, I went off to do some shopping in the local shops and then pop into the library so I could relax for a little bit (as a side note, while I was in the library there was a child that kept streaming at me wanting to use the computer I was on who went on to say “WAA WHAT ARE YOU DOING IS NOT IMPORTANT – I WANNA PLAY GAAAAMMMMMEEEEEESSSS”)

Finally after a little bit of time shopping, I finally return back to go home when I find a women parking right behind where I was parked. Now there was still tons of room in front of the red car AND there was loads of room behind me but no, a women decides to park right behind me leaving me something of “1~3cm” of room to get out.

Now I do not know if it was her ego or pride, but when I walked over to her car as she was just getting out I asked if she could move back a little and the following happened.

Me: Hey. Sorry to bother you but do you mind if you can move your car back a little bit. It is kinda hard to get out without damaging any other of the cars.

Her: Why the fuck should I move for you. Your fucking fault for parking there.

Me: Are you aware there is loads of room behind you and you could easily just move back a bit.

Her: Yes but why the fuck should I fucking move for you. I like where my car is parked so what are you fucking going to do about it.

Me: I will smash your window open, put it into neutral, release the hand brake and push your car into ongoing traffic.

Her: HA ! I will just break your fucking back then.

Me: I will make sure to push you with the car, if I can.

It was at this point she started yelling to herself about everyone is against her and that no one is nice anymore and that she had to “find a new fucking parking place” as there was some insane person threatening her. So rather than just moving her car back a little and allowing me to move out she decides to park right behind me so I can not move out and then decides she is the queen or something when I ask her if she can move a little.

So I am just going to say this to everyone. If you want to park right behind someone so they are unable to get out then do not be surprised if you find your car was at a scene of a crash. Sure I can understand parking is very limited but parking so others can not get out and then actively refusing to move to let that person out just means you are just a waste of oxygen to the rest of us.

Comment below what you would have done. Would you have agreed with me or did something else ?

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Ellis, M (2011) Read the highway code. [online] Tweaked for your Pleasure. Available at: [Accessed 20 May 2022]

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