The Taste from Outer-Space!

In the near future a friendly race of aliens make connect with us. They offer us help advancing our technology, they solve global warming, and orchestrate world peace. 5 years after first contact we make a startling discovery. They taste amazing. ~ Reddit Prompt from igame2much

It has been many years now when the aliens from beyond Alpha Centauri arrived on our own planet and I even remember the day. It was a clear day with not a single cloud in the sky when news broken out that an unknown spaceship was sighted within the local solar system. All over the TV and radios were news reports from the UK Space Agency and National Aeronautics and Space Administration that an unknown object was heading towards Earth and that its possible we were looking at another Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event that would bring the end to the Cenozoic Era. 

The hours passed as this object that was to destroy us and make us apart of forgotten history hauled towards us that the worries we had between our different religions, global warming and other worldly problems turned into nothing more than a check list of things we worried too much over and that as a race we should have enjoyed the pleasures of life more than worrying about problems that would no longer matter within a couple of days.

But these days passed and this object slowed down to the point the Earth’s Governments started to worry about the other options that doesn’t include our deaths such as world-wide slavery but our fears quickly become hope on the fateful date that it landed.

I remember the military of the United Kingdom and solders from all other countries and United Nation Peace Keeper force all rallying around the site where the aliens landed and unlike what you see in films and other media these aliens when they came out with their own weapons was unable to communicate in English or any known language within our cultures but instead shown us picture of art  – drawings of stars and other planets but importantly what we believed was pictures of those aliens co-existing with the natives from those planets.

I could not tell you what exactly happened as even to this day our Governments hide most of the information but what is known is these aliens were openly accepted by Earth and that they helped us as a specie to grow. In matters of years they helped us develop our science to the point we was able to stop global warming, cure-all the illness known to man and indirectly world hungry and to bring in peace.

In a twisted irony that after five years on our planet we discovered that these aliens were infact “farmers” for their race with the intent to go to different planets and use them to create submissive supply of food but what they wasn’t aware off is we noticed them becoming a problem and a problem we always disliked with humans themselves – a fast growing set of immigrates.

These aliens started to become a problem for us as they were growing very fast and slowly taking over the planet simply by out growing us in numbers and thus the Governments of the world decided it needed to take action. Originally the idea was to ask them nicely to move on but news came in from a small time newspaper that someone killed one by mistake on a camping trip and due to lack of food was forced to eat it and discovered that it wasn’t poisonous but instead very nice meat that just came off from the bone and melt easily in the mouth.

I suppose the rest does not need to be said but you would be surprised how things suddenly change when people find a food supply that not only grows very fast but incredibly tasty too.

Need to reference?

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