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As I highly doubt you have noticed nor care, but I have finally got around to looking Look at my Spam back online after it has been down for around three to four months.

In case you do not know but Look at my Spam is a website that is a small project to find how easy it was to get spammed by just leaving one email link at the bottom of a website. Well I can say safety so far with the project, I am getting roughly five emails a minute. Some of the emails are coming from Yahoo groups, random marketing and some people who feels it is funny to email stuff there hoping their email will be published on the website.

You have to remember that email is never used on anything so any email sent to it you can safety say is spam and non agreed too. Anyway that is it for today – there is no rant or anything today so come back another time.

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Ellis, M (2012) LAMS back online. [online] Tweaked for your Pleasure. Available at: [Accessed 26 Feb 2021]
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