Flick the switch, you dick

It is not often I find something to moan about but I am sure some people driving in cars paid for their licence and not trying to pass it.

For those that drive, I am sure you are aware on the little blinking lights that exist on your car that flash amber – these tells people such as other drivers which way you are going to turn and this also means that people who might be walking or riding a bike can also see which way you plan on turning.

So lets say you are a driver and you are planning to take a left on a road where you can keep going. You also see a person that is walking and turned around to see what you are doing. Now lets say you are wanting to go left but do not show which way you plan on going.

Have a guess what the other person is going to think. Yes, they are going to think

“oh this person is going to turn left so lets just wait for the person to suddenly turn at the last second without giving ANY HINT they are going to go left.”

Now this is normally not a problem if drivers are on the road and you are on the foot path but with so many cars now being parked completely on the foot path, people are now having to go on the road simply to walk around. Sure it is often a wise idea to wait if you plan to go on the road to make sure no cars is coming, but I have once walked on the side of the walk (walking on the right, into coming traffic as they advised people to do) when there was no foot path and the following happened.

First look at this picture.

As you can see from the picture, I was about to cross the road to carry on walking when a car was driving at high-speed. Without evening slowing down, the driver decided to suddenly take a right with no hints at all that they planned to go right. No visual hints, no nothing when they clearly saw someone there (well actually, I doubt they did knowing how fast they was going) and even did not turn into the road correctly as they had to go over the grass – thankfully I stepped back in time.

After the person did all that, they then have the nerve to stop the car and start yelling about how the person pays road tax and has full right of the road. Well while I will never know who you are, you do not actually pay any “road tax”. You pay tax on the co2 the car gives out – road tax was scrapped in 1937.

So for all those drivers out there, do not be a dick and let people know what you are doing on the road. And hell that goes to people walking on the road, if you are going to turn and you see a car, point which way you are going or something. Oh and bicycle people – respect the rules of the road, we do not want anything bitching about it.

Now, if you are a driver please look at the next image of someone parking a car, then read under it.

Car parked on public foot path

Car parked on public foot path
Image provided by Wild Cat

Do you park like that? If so, cut your own throat with your keys. No one beyond you gives a shit if your car might get damaged with it parked on the road itself, where it is LEGALLY should be parked. The idea of the kerb is to stop you from parking like that and the foot path let people walk safely from people like you.

If you do not park like that and park legally, good on you!

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