Political Correctness has made us racist

I am sure everyone has heard of the term “political correctness” but if you have not it is basically a term used for all the bullshit people say you must do when really no really gives a shit. I am sure you have noticed in the media you will always hear people call a “different coloured” skin person a “African American” although the person may actually have been born in Europe but hey, political correctness means we must apply a Government approved label to everyone.

So while we have our African-American what do you think we call “white coloured people” these days?

Caucasian, British, Irish, American or well whatever said person comes from is normally the answer. Think back for a few minutes when you last filled in a Government issued form, applied for a job or hell even ordered something online today you will always see a bit where it asks about skin colour and yes really you do on Government forms. Quite a funny logic when you see those forms are to “help” the person reading it to make a choice so they are not racist because having to allow X amount of people who apply to something have to be “non-white” is not racist at all.

Thing is though is all of this is meant to help be “correct” but all it is doing is forcing people to notice what people are. I do not know about you lot but when I see a “African-American” all I can see is another normal person and fail to see why such a label even matters outside the scientific community.

With these terms being used we are forcing everyone to notice the differences and then subconsciously act differently towards said person due to the label being different to your own.

Do not get me wrong it is great everyone is seen as equals but as soon as you start applying “political correct” labels to everything we are forcing people to start looking at stereotypes. And you want to know what the best part is though about it all?

It doe snot matter what terms we use to keep everything ” as any term we use is still the same to label someone. So it doesn’t matter if we use “black person” or “African-American” – we are still highlighting there is something wrong. How about instead we just don’t give a shit and do not use any terms beyond the country you came from or human.

Unless you are not actually human but then you got another issue on your hands. Oh and if this rant made no sense at all, I will rewrite it another day but hey is not bad to write-up half asleep.

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Ellis, M (2013) Political Correctness has made us racist. [online] Tweaked for your Pleasure. Available at: https://snat.co.uk/rants/political-correctness-has-made-us-racist.html [Accessed 20 May 2022]

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